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Our association was founded in 2010 and since then has still takes care of the interest of its members. FRUIT UNION has an extremely wide range of activities. From supporting transparent rules of export, through legal and economic advice, to the promotion of Polish food and dissemination of modern quality standards.

Being aware of the position and the importance of the fruit farming and export crop, harvested in the sector, our association has successfully struggling to develop a set of rules in the industry. In order to achive internal consistency in export, we take the information and consultation. We conduct numerous interviews with representatives of Polish and foreign government and economic institutions. To overcome the problems in exports, we promote modern quality and technical standards in production and distribution of plant products. The first efforts undertaken by the concerned abolition entered the Russian market timing restrictions for Polish exports of fruit and vegetables.

In addition to acting for export purpose of our organization is to promote Polish producers and distribution of fruit, vegetables and to represent their interest both domestically and abroad. To Members of the Association we allow to exchange knowledge and experiencec gain through many years of activity in the industry. Recently, we take the lead in case of Producer Groups. Being aware of the fact that the formation of such an organization ensures sustainable fruit and vegetable market, we strive to develop favorable standards, determining the proper functioning of producer groups.

FRUIT UNION constantly promotes quality and unique taste of Polish fruit and vegetables. Stressing the role of healthy and natural products , We engaged in the development of favorable adjustments related to the introduction in Poland of the Integrated Fruit Production in such a way that it is widely used in horticultural production.