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The Mazovia region covers an area of 35.6 thousand km2, what makes it the largest region in the country. At the same time, it is the most internally diverse region in Poland. It consists of: the Warsaw agglomeration with the largest city in the country – the Polish capital Warsaw, that plays not only a dominant socio-economic role, but is also a major transport hub – and then a part of the region that can be characterised by economic growth indicator below the national average.

For centuries Mazovia has been a central area and for four centuries – a seat for he capital of Poland. The most important events in Polish history are associated with Mazovia.

For more information about Mazovia and its history, visit the website: www.mazovia.pl

Unia Owocowa

Unia Owocowa

Our association was founded in 2010 and since then has still takes care of the interest of its members. FRUIT UNION has an extremely wide range of activities. From supporting transparent rules of export, through legal and economic advice, to the promotion of Polish food and dissemination of modern quality standards.

Being aware of the position and the importance of the fruit farming and export crop, harvested in the sector, our association has successfully struggling to develop a set of rules in the industry. In order to achive internal consistency in export, we take the information and consultation. We conduct numerous interviews with representatives of Polish and foreign government and economic institutions. To overcome the problems in exports, we promote modern quality and technical standards in production and distribution of plant products. The first efforts undertaken by the concerned abolition entered the Russian market timing restrictions for Polish exports of fruit and vegetables.

In addition to acting for export purpose of our organization is to promote Polish producers and distribution of fruit, vegetables and to represent their interest both domestically and abroad. To Members of the Association we allow to exchange knowledge and experiencec gain through many years of activity in the industry. Recently, we take the lead in case of Producer Groups. Being aware of the fact that the formation of such an organization ensures sustainable fruit and vegetable market, we strive to develop favorable standards, determining the proper functioning of producer groups.

FRUIT UNION constantly promotes quality and unique taste of Polish fruit and vegetables. Stressing the role of healthy and natural products , We engaged in the development of favorable adjustments related to the introduction in Poland of the Integrated Fruit Production in such a way that it is widely used in horticultural production.




We are a business that helps humanity face its toughest challenge: how to feed a rising population, sustainably. Our world class science and innovative crop solutions transform how crops are grown to enable millions of growers to make better use of available resources.

At the heart of our contribution is The Good Growth Plan, our six commitments to address critical challenges the world faces to achieve food security. Our business – and the world’s food security – depend on sustainable natural resources, healthy ecosystems and thriving rural communities. Which is why we cooperate with industry partners, governments and NGOs to support the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our Corporate Governance is aligned with international standards and practice and helps us achieve not only our business objectives, but also helps create value to society that is demonstrated by our strong environmental and social performance.


AgroFresh & Tecnidex

AgroFresh & Tecnidex

Based in Philadelphia, Penn., USA, AgroFresh is a global industry leader in providing innovative data-driven specialty solutions aimed at enabling growers and packers of fresh produce to preserve and enhance the freshness, quality and value of fresh produce and flowers. Its flagship product is the SmartFresh℠ Quality System (“SmartFresh”), a freshness protection technology proven to maintain firmness, texture and appearance of fruits during storage and transport. SmartFresh is currently commercialized in 46 countries worldwide. In Europe, key markets for SmartFresh are apples, pears, kiwifruit, plums, kakis.

Tecnidex, Fruit Protection, S.A.was founded in 1980 to render services for fruit and vegetable collection and packing houses in the postharvest sector. Since the company was founded, TECNIDEX,has been committed to quality and innovation, and has incorporated technological advances and improved its activities to cover the entire fruit and vegetable postharvest protection process (from chemical products to consultancy services), making it one of the global benchmarks in the sector.

www.agrofresh.com & www.tecnidex.com


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