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Welcome to Prognosfruit 2021

5 August 2021 - Online Conference

Prognosfruit 2021 Sponsor


AgroFresh is an AgTech innovator and global leader with a mission to prevent food loss/waste and conserve the planet’s resources by providing a range of science-based solutions, data-driven digital technologies and high-touch customer services. For more than 20 years, AgroFresh has been revolutionizing the apple industry and has launched new innovative solutions in a variety of fresh produce categories from bananas to cherries and citrus to pears. AgroFresh supports growers, packers and retailers by providing near- and post-harvest solutions across the industry to enhance crop values while conserving our planet’s resources and reducing global food loss and waste.

Its flagship product is SmartFresh™, a proven and effective technology used extensively in the freshness supply chain with a large number of crops, across the widest range of application environments and in the most extensive geography since its 2002 launch. Growers, packers and retailers can use SmartFresh to better manage ripening during the journey from the field to the consumer, ultimately helping to preserve consumer-desired taste and texture.

Additionally, AgroFresh is powered by a comprehensive portfolio that includes plant-based and traditional coatings, equipment, digital technologies and proprietary solutions that help improve the freshness supply chain from harvest to the home. Visit agrofresh.com to learn more.

Visit agrofresh.com to learn more.